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Meeting Organizer

GUARANT International

Na Pankráci 17
140 21 Praha 4

+420 284 001 444

+420 284 001 448

GUARANT International spol. s.r.o. is the leading provider of congress and conference services in the Czech Republic and Central Europe. It has gained extensive experience in the preparation and organization of large and small, national and international congresses, conferences, seminars and other similar events. Annualy organizes from 60 to 80 events in the Czech Republic and also abroad.

It is member of: PCB, ICCA, IAPCO, ESAE, Bratislava Tourist Board and Slovak Convention Bureau.

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Services provided by GUARANT International:

GUARANT International offers association management services to 25 Czech and foreign professional companies, under the brand Association House.

Most recently, our company offers Venue Management services, that means we operate conferences within historical locations such as Kaiserštejnský Palace, Malostranský Palace, Velkopřevorský Palace, Břevnov Monastery and also the City Conference Center.

Our selected references:

  • 2000: The Annual Meeting of the IMF/WORLD BANK, 17 550 pax
  • 2004: UEGW, 9800 pax
  • 2005: The 2005 International Bar Association Conference (IBA), 5000 pax
  • 2008: The World Congress of Psychiatry (WPA), 5 494 pax
  • 2010: 61st International Astronautical Congress, 2 564 pax
  • 2014: International Microscopy Congress, 3 500 pax
  • 2015: The 3rd Congress of European ORL-HNS, 3 268 pax
  • 2015: The 12th Conference of the European Sociological Association, 3500 pax
  • 2016: European Habitat, 4000 pax
  • 2016: The 2016 Eurasphalt & Eurobitume Congress, 1077 pax
  • 2017: The 22nd WONCA Europe Conference
  • 2017: Eurotox 2017: The 53rd Congress of the European Societies of Toxicology


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For more information, feel free to visit www.guarant.cz 

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