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PCB survey: Digital Technologies in the MICE Industry - Filip Dřímalka

PCB survey this week for the last time - we asked our members and partners about their opinion on the new digital technologies. Today, we bring you answers by Filip Dřímalka, Digital Innovations Specialist, EF1 marketing & management.

In the last weeks, Klaus Pilz, Regional Director, Vienna House Czech Republic, and Martin Valter, ICT Specialist at C-IN company, answered three questions stated below. The last respondent of our survey is Filip Dřímalka, Digital Innovations Specialist at EF1 marketing & management.

  1. What new technology or app has recently caught your attention and why?
  2. Do you use some of the new technology in your field? What is your client’s response to this?
  3. In your field, have you noticed any significant trend, and what do you expect to be the "in" technology in the next few years?


One of the most interesting recent technologies, which is still waiting for massive spreading, is virtual reality and the apps linked with it. A connection of a smartphone and special glasses is able to provide users with extremely realistic and powerful experience. Beside this, I am very interested in so called chatbots. Chatbots allows clients communicate automatically with users using a chat. The technology has enormous potential to change the way, how people search for information or communicate with online services.

We use new technologies constantly and teach our clients, how they themselves can benefit from them. The feedback is very positive, because these new apps are able to simplify work amazingly and bring new opportunities to all areas of business – from marketing, logistics to customer care.

The trends are quite clear, according to me – to simplify and automate processes and everything related to users’ activities, innovate and develop new products and services. Other trends are to connect the online and offline world, create partnerships between traditional companies and startups using digital services and also to implement new technologies into every part of company. And the last two:specialized services for the generation of millennials and the smartphones they use are on the meteoric rise.