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PCB survey: Digital Technologies in the MICE Industry - Klaus Pilz

Nowadays, the digital technologies surround us literally at every step. No wonder, that they hit also the MICE industry. AV technology brings a new dimension to the event management, information is spreading at nearly the speed of light, and every minute there is a new mobile app developed. Those are the reasons why we approached our members and partners and asked them how they and their customers perceive new digital technologies. You can look forward to their answers also in the next two weeks!

We asked our members and partners following three questions:

  1. What new technology or app has recently caught your attention and why?
  2. Do you use some of the new technology in your field? What is your client’s response to this?
  3. In your field, have you noticed any significant trend, and what do you expect to be the "in" technology in the next few years?


The first respondent is Klaus Pilz, Regional Director, Vienna House Czech Republic (Diplomat, angelo, andel's)


As I travel a lot, I often use the “Around Me” app, which identifies my position and means I can, for example, easily find the nearest ATM, shop or doctor.

We want to make our guests feel at home so we are launching technological innovations to our hotels. We were one of the first to offer high-speed WiFi connections for free. We have a fully interactive website where visitors can find reviews and a transparent price comparison to assure them that booking with us is the best value. Another technological feature is the mobile concierge service. Guests can read newspapers or magazines in various languages, order a wake-up call, a taxi, and room service or contact our reception via chat. We are planning further innovations such as a mobile check-in and check-out. A slightly different, but increasingly popular technological innovation is charging stations for e-cars, installed directly in our garages. We are the largest hotel network on the domestic market that offers this service to our guests and for free.

Technology is the driving force and it is difficult to predict how it will develop. It is important to follow and use trends effectively. For example, I was surprised by the recent meteoric rise of the PokemonGo app. We are now waiting to see what will happen with it in the future or if it is just a fad. Nevertheless, we should now start to think if and how we can use it in the domestic hospitality business.