Audiolight Service s.r.o.

We design and provide the most demanding corporate events and conferences. Whenever you need to communicate in order to differentiate your brand and motivate your partners and employees, or simply celebrate success, Audiolight is your partner of audiovisual and presentation solutions.

Our goal is Impressevent.

  • We know what looks good from the perspective of the viewer, not only because of our experience.
  • We specialize in complete visual aspect of the event - technique, decoration, coating materials, furniture.
  • We have an awareness of news - we are among the first in the Czech Republic, who uses an innovative AV products.
  • Our effect is in Central Europe.
  • We listen to our clients with the knowledge, that produced corporate actions are not ours, but theirs.
  • Creative approach to solving problems and looking for ways to save money.


We create design of events and provide services associated with the realization of audiovisual installations, cultural events, shows and exhibitions, roadshows and presentations of large business conferences and luxurious banquets, and finally the grand weddings and private celebrations.


  • SingularityU Summit Prague 2018
  • Coca Cola annual conference 2018
  • ICCA CAT Night 2017 
  • Microsoft DOTS Conference 2017 - speaker Satya Nadella
  • Engage Prague 2015 and 2016
  • Gala Volkswagen Passat 2014
  • and many others


Use our services and judge for yourself. We love what we do.

Audiolight Service s.r.o.
Audiolight Service s.r.o.
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