Maxin PRAGUE is a full-service DMC/PCO and event production company focused on professional customized services for meetings, incentives, conferences and events since 1999. With the vast experience and well deserved reputation it belongs to Czech market leaders. Maxin PRAGUE offers the uncompromising quality of tailor-made services, no matter the event size or extent.

We are one-stop shop for unique experience, offering just as much or as little you need in Prague and the Czech Republic - from the first proposal to measuring the carbon footprint.

Maxin PRAGUE is a team of highly experienced professionals, who are dedicated to superior service, personal approach, and apply sophisticated knowhow.

Maxin PRAGUE References:
Roche (2014 & 2013; 500 pax, & 700 pax, UK & Switzerland), Advent International (2014; 50 pax, CZ), SEIFS (2014; 130 pax, USA), SES (2014; 60 pax, FR), BASF (2014; 300 pax, GER), SIEMENS (2014; 80 pax, GER), Exxon Mobil (2013 & 2012; 900 pax & 200 pax, Czech Republic & UK), Axis Bank (2013; 70 pax, India), Hewlett-Packard (2013; 250 pax, USA and 300 pax, Germany), Millward Brown (2013; 30 pax, Canada), Audecia Accounting (2013; 125 pax, France), Motorola Solutions (2012; 50 pax, Singapore), Mahindra Automotive Co. (2012; 350 pax, India), Samsung Europe (2012; full production of 3 gala evenings), Škoda Auto (2011; 4500 pax)

Languages spoken in Maxin PRAGUE:
English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Slovak, Czech

Target markets especially:
USA & North America, UK & continental Europe, Australia & South-east Asia


Prague Is an Ideal Meeting Destination

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