Minister Klára Dostálová Introduced Newly Appointed Director of CzechTourism Agency

Minister Klára Dostálová Introduced Newly Appointed Director of  CzechTourism Agency

Jan Herget has been appointed a new director of the CzechTourism agency, replacing Monika Palatková as of 18th March 2019. Jan Herget has previously been the Director of Foreign Representations and Online Communication at the CzechTourism, with the responsibility for managing the foreign representation offices and execution of the global marketing campaigns of the agency. Moreover, he has also gained professional experience working for the private and academic sectors.

"I am glad for being able to welcome the new director of CzechTourism, who comes up with clear visions regarding the marketing of Czech Republic and the agency's strategic activities. Tourism in our country is on the rise. We should not only should maintain the trend, but also continue to develop and improve the cooperation with our partners so that foreign tourists will visit our country repeatedly and stay longer, and so that the domestic visitors continue to discover attractive places in the regions,” said Klára Dostálová, Minister for Regional Development.

The main goals of the new director include building the Czech Republic brand internationally, supporting small and medium-sized tourism entrepreneurs, and supporting the local destination management.

Director Ing. Jan Herget Ph.D. studied international trade at the Faculty of International Relations at the University of Economics in Prague. He worked as a director of the Prague VisitBritain branch, previously as a PR director / spokesman for the CzechTrade government agency. From September 2012 until June 2016 he held the positions of Director of Foreign Representations and Online Communication, Director of the CzechTourism Tourism Institute with responsibility for marketing surveys, and Director of the CzechTourism Foreign Representation for the Benelux countries. He has been working at the Department of Tourism at the University of Economics since 2006, where he is responsible for teaching the subject Destination Marketing and Management. As a visiting professor, he lectured at the University of North Colorado in the USA, at the University of Lahti in Finland or at the University of Styer in Austria. In the private sphere, he specializes in marketing and PR consulting.

“I want to set up the CzechTourism agency along the lines of modern tourism support agencies so that it is competitive with the major industry leaders in an international comparison. My goal is that the CzechTourism becomes an agency comparable with AustriaWerbung, excelling at selling the Czech brand abroad within five years,” said the new agency director Jan Herget.

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