Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic, a country ranking 8th in the global Sustainable Development Goals 2023 Index. It also tops the lists of the world's greenest cities. Prague is very compact and easy to walk, with one of the best public transportation systems. Yet, the air and noise pollution from the road traffic are still the main challenges the city has been facing, gradually taking measures to eliminate it. We strive to sustain Prague as a „small city“ in the centre of Europe both for its inhabitants and visitors.

PCB Roles in Prague’s Sustainability

The Prague Convention Bureau has been striving to support its members and partners in implementing steps towards advanced sustainability in their services, venues and everyday operation. Our ambition is to provide a platform for innovation, education, and benchmarking. PCB collects, consolidates and promotes data about sustainability measures adopted within the Prague meetings industry to help meeting organizers searching for suppliers that meet their sustainability requirements.




Download Prague Sustainability Strategic Documents

Read the Council and Assembly of the Capital City of Prague strategic documents on various aspects of the city sustainability.

Prague Moves Towards Sustainability

In 2019, the Prague City Council approved Prague’s climate commitment to reduce CO2 emissions by 45% by 2030 and to eliminate them by 2050.  To reach the goals, the necessary measures have been developed, and many of them already implemented: Prague Sustainable Mobility Plan includes ongoing extension of tramlines, pedestrian zones, and also barrier-free accessibility of subway line stations. Another municipality commitment, a great deal of it already met, is to plant a million new trees between 2018 and 2022. The city authorities abandoned single-use plastic packages and tableware at its own events, and abolished all kinds of city support to events that refuse to stop using them.

Prague Nature

Prague is, very favourably, situated in the Vltava river valley, in the heart of the Bohemian Basin with fertile soil, natural water streams and resources. It has hardly ever been short of local food resources: in fact, the city is surrounded by fields, vineyards stretch out to its very centre, and the famous beer is brewed in Prague’s countless breweries. Great number of the city’s restaurants and caterers can thus build their cuisine exclusively on local food and drinks.

Waste Management

Prague’s inhabitants and enterprises, appreciating the green city environment, are very aware of the importance of their everyday contribution and complaisance. This results in the high waste recycling rate, with already less than 10 percent of waste ending up in the landfill. The city plans to develop the circular economy further, refining its waste management systems, and, above all, reducing the waste generation.

Plan Your Sustainable Meeting

Make sure you think sustainably when planning your meeting. Set the sustainable goals first and do not forget to evaluate them after the event. Feel free to share your successes and best practices during your meeting in Prague with #SustainabilityInSpires.

  1. 1

    Search for sustainable local partners

    Use our venue finder to find a sustainable local partner

  2. 2

    Inspire your delegates about sustainability

    Communicate and share your sustainable goals and visions with your delegates

  3. 3

    Measure carbon emissions

    Use sustainable way to travel to and within the destination. Promote use of public transportation & shared transportation

  4. 4

    Minimize purchasing & waste

    Measure your waste footprint, concentrate on re-use & recycling

  5. 5

    Engage local communities and businesses

    Cooperate with local businesses and support local communities. HESTIA - Volunteering Centre drew a list of organizations providing volunteering opportunities where you can find and create matching partnerships.

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    Create legacy

    Make sure your event is just a beginning

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