AIM GROUP Develops Its Sustainability Agenda with ISO 20121 Certification for Sustainable Event Management and Sustainability Manager

AIM GROUP Develops Its Sustainability Agenda with  ISO 20121 Certification for Sustainable Event Management and Sustainability Manager

AIM Group International, a global leader in conferences, events, and communications services, is strengthening its sustainability credentials with key initiatives including the achievement of ISO 20121 certification for sustainable event management.

The ISO 20121 certification reflects the Group's commitment to rigorous assessment and in-depth audits conducted over several months and covers all Italian-based companies, and subsidiaries - including– and all operations. AIM GROUP Prague has previously obtained the ISO 14001 for environmental management in organisations.

Formerly the Group's Innovation Director, Annalisa Ponchia brings a wealth of experience and commitment to drive AIM Group's sustainability plan to new heights. In her new role, Annalisa will be tasked with leading the way in sustainable event management and production.

“As Sustainability Manager, I am dedicated to driving the company's sustainability agenda forward. This key role underlines our unwavering commitment to prioritising sustainability and implementing industry-leading practices in event management and production,” says Annalisa Ponchia.

One of Annalisa's key objectives is to help corporate and association clients integrate sustainable practices into their events and communications initiatives, in line with the Group's commitment to the Net Zero Carbon Events pledge, a shared commitment across the events and meetings industry to meet the targets set out in the Paris Climate Agreement, which AIM Group signed up to in 2021.

“This position requires keeping up to date with the latest trends and developments in sustainable event management and production. This includes in-depth research and evaluation of new technologies, materials and methodologies that can effectively reduce the environmental footprint of events and communications projects,” explains Annalisa.

In addition, Annalisa will lead the AIM Group's internal sustainability initiatives. This includes setting sustainability targets, developing staff training programmes and closely monitoring and reporting on sustainability performance. For example, the integration of AI into the Group's operations is one of its first major projects to involve employees. AI-powered tools can help manage energy efficiently, minimise waste and promote green practices, as well as monitor and reduce carbon footprints.

The next major milestone for AIM Group is the forthcoming publication of its first Sustainability Report, a comprehensive document that will outline the environmental, social and governance performance achieved in 2023.

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