AIM Group International Presents a New White Paper on how to Create a Truly Unique Destination Experience and the Latest DMC Trends

AIM Group International Presents a New White Paper on how to Create a Truly  Unique Destination Experience and the Latest DMC Trends

How can Destination Management Companies keep adding value in today’s world? What kind of DMC trends can we expect in 2019? How to combine fresh ideas, memorable experiences, client identity and objectives, and budget optimisation? These are some of the questions posed in the new White Paper published today by AIM Group International, a leading company specialised in congresses, events and Destination Management, “How to create a truly unique destination experience. The latest DMC trends”.

The White Paper is signed by the senior DMC expert Bob Novak, Head of Corporate & DMC Department Prague Office AIM Group International,  who reveals his secrets of managing the changing marketplace.

"It is clear that nowadays the role of DMCs is evolving. Reserving accommodation, organizing transport, booking restaurants or consulting exciting event ideas are just a click away. Does that mean that DMCs are no longer needed? No, that is not the case," outlines Bob Novak at the beginning.

What are DMCs all about?

The DMC’s role is all about creating a destination experience, tailored to each specific project and client. The reasons for contracting a local DMC are numerous. Working with a DMC means that you can secure a higher ROI (Return On Investment) and better overall event quality. The White Paper gives some examples and specifies eight key reasons why clients can benefit from DMC services, from saving time to risk mitigation, economic savings and simplified finance management, and the ability to involve participants with unique experiences.

Which are the top 2019 Trends?

Event organisation, like other industries, is constantly evolving, influenced by new technologies, social change, new market offerings, and so on. The White Paper highlights the most influential trends in event organisation for 2019:

  • Tailored Experiences, with meaning and a direct link to the client or local community.
  • New Places, second-tier, emerging destinations or original locations.
  • More SocialMedia engagement among participants.
  • CSR and local community legacies.
  • Ethical Food: organic, healthy, zero-Km.
  • Short notice and flexibility.

"DMC advisers are experts in communication, event organisation, travel logistics, financial planning, negotiation, problem solving, customer care, venue finding, entertainment, traditional culture, talent scouting, etc. Is it complex work? Yes, and we love it!" concluded Novak.

The White Paper can be downloaded for free from the AIM Group International website.

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