Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa Opens a Unique Ice-Skating Arena!

Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa Opens a Unique Ice-Skating Arena!

The Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa opens its doors not only to discerning guests looking for luxury accommodation, but also to those who desire an experience they will remember for a lifetime. One of the most interesting features of this exclusive hotel is its winter attraction - an open ice rink. This extraordinary opportunity to enjoy frosty fun and create unforgettable memories attracts not only individuals but also companies looking for the perfect venue for their Christmas parties.

Opening of the ice-rink at the Alchymist Hotel: ideal for Corporate Christmas Parties

If you are looking for an unconventional and elegant setting for your corporate Christmas party, the Alchymist Hotel seems to be the ideal place. The open ice rink, which is part of the hotel grounds and adjoins two spacious venue halls, provides an original and elegant space for hosting an unforgettable event. Winter in the heart of Prague offers a magical atmosphere, and when a touch of luxury and exclusivity is added, it creates a combination that does not deny the charm of this unique place.

Hotel Alchymist is committed to making its ice rink more than just an ice rink. Instead, it has become an arena for events that bring this historic corner of Prague to life. The evening lights and the atmosphere of the Christmas market add a magic and romance to the place that is hard to find elsewhere.

For corporate clients looking for a suitable venue for a Christmas party, the Alchymist Hotel offers not only a beautiful setting, but also a wide range of catering services and professional service. Organizing the event with the ice rink allows corporate teams to create an informal and fun atmosphere that fosters team cohesion and promotes a friendly spirit among employees.

Finally, the opening of the ice rink at the Alchymist creates the perfect setting for corporate Christmas parties that deserve to be unforgettable. The hotel combines history with modern luxury to create a unique setting that becomes the ideal place for businesses looking for uniqueness and originality for their Christmas celebrations.

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