Almanac X Alcron Prague Introduces New Chef

Almanac X Alcron Prague Introduces New Chef

Almanac X Alcron Prague appointed new Chef Richard Bielik. Richard’s key responsibility will be delivering gastronomical experience not only to hotel guests and conference groups, but also to local visitors of the famous Alcron restaurant. Read through the exclusive interview with the new Chef to see what’s on his schedule and how the new menu looks like.

1. Why did you decide to become a chef? What has shaped you the most in your career so far?

I decided to become a chef when I was working at Hemingway Bar and I realized that I had done pretty much everything in gastronomy. I stood behind the bar, mixed drinks, did flair bartending, and blew fire over people. I served at à la carte restaurants, weddings, and various parties for years. I know how to work with wine and coffee. So, it turned out that I had never cooked professionally. And from that moment on, I have only been cooking. Every experience and job have shaped me. Now, in the gastronomy

2. What philosophy do you adhere to when preparing menus and dishes? Which cuisines and techniques do you like?

My philosophy comes from the plant-forward kitchen concept. This means I strive to create innovative vegetable dishes that are tasty, complexly balanced, nutritious, and healthy for our bodies, using ingredients of the highest possible quality. I love Japanese precision and simplicity, as well as French techniques.

3. Alcron has been an icon of the Czech gastro scene for decades. What is your vision for this establishment?

My vision is definitely to bring back the lost glory of Alcron and create a place that sets trends on the Czech gastro scene and inspires people. We certainly have Bib Gourmand or even a Michelin star in our sights.

4. How would you describe the new menu you have created for Alcron? What makes it special, and why should people choose Alcron? If you had to recommend one dish from the new menu, what would it be and why?

I would describe it as a modern, innovative menu full of complex and balanced flavors, considering the season and using high-quality local farm products. Why Alcron? Because we are moving in a direction that is trending worldwide and is sustainable. And I would choose it because the food is exceptional and flavorful. I would definitely recommend bryndza with white chocolate, apricots, and sweet-and-sour onion gel. It is an exceptional dish that will satisfy even the most demanding palates. With this dish, it is beautiful to observe how different flavor profiles emerge in the mouth. It starts with the sweetness of apricots, followed by the crunchiness of white chocolate and the sweet-and-sour taste of the onion gel, and then the saltiness of bryndza completes the flavor profile. The complexity is enhanced by hazelnuts, brioche, and leek ash.

5. Do you enjoy cooking outside of work hours? What do you like to eat the most?

I love hamburgers and fries. And at home, I like to cook a variety of vegetable dishes.

6. Group customers are undoubtedly a specific challenge in a restaurant, just in terms of volume combined with individual dietary requirements. How do you perceive them? Do you have any proven approaches and procedures for preparing menus for groups?

If it is a group of more than 10 people, we usually offer them a group menu or a shortened à la carte menu. I try to anticipate dietary requirements by making the entire menu completely gluten-free except for small items. Other allergies are always handled on an individual basis. We always try to accommodate our guests in this regard and propose alternative solutions.


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