Bring Unique Souvenirs Reflecting Czech Tradition and Craft from Prague

Bring Unique Souvenirs Reflecting Czech Tradition and Craft from Prague

Whether you are going to Prague for a holiday, business, or you are organizing an event here, you have certainly already thought of the question of which souvenirs to choose. What is typical for Prague, what you can't get anywhere else, what will make your family, friends, colleagues, or the participants of your event happy? Would you also prefer the gift to be made with respect for the environment or to support local communities? Those may seem to be too many requirements at once but know that our summary will help you choose such souvenirs that exactly meet these requirements.

In the Czech Republic they say: "golden Czech hands". A saying that refers to the manual skills of Czechs, and the ability to produce or invent products in an innovative way. Thanks to this ability, we can still offer products processed by unique methods, whether it is typical Czech glass, jewelry or beer. You can buy such souvenirs from world-famous manufacturers, such as Moser Glassworks, as well as from small local designers. All you have to do is choose.

Design Accessory for Your Home

Creations of Prague and Czech designers can be found in several places around Prague. If your steps lead to the views from the Old Town Hall, stop by at a recently opened gift shop of the Prague City Tourism, offering a brand new portfolio of souvenirs from leading Czech artists. For example, buy Prague metro tiles magnets, pink glass jewelry referring to the blooming Petřín Gardens or crystal glasses with motifs of Prague towers. Handmade souvenirs with Prague motifs can also be found at Pragtique in several different collections. Would you like the souvenirs with motifs of Golem or Franz Kafka? So, here they are. However, if you are not looking for souvenirs, but you would like to buy something from Czech design work for your home, be sure to head to the Deelive Design Store or Czech Design Shop, where you will find products of several Czech designers. By the way, the Deelive Design Store will hosts smaller corporate events and presentations, for which Czech products and jewelry will make a great background. For architecture lovers, we have a unique feature. Did you know that the Czech Republic is the only place in the world where Picasso's cubism was reflected in the construction industry? In the Czech capital, you will come across several buildings built in this style. And in one of them – the House of the Black Madonna – there is also a Kubista shop presenting only cubist home accessories. In the same building upstairs, you can enjoy a well-deserved break while exploring Prague in the Grand Café Orient cubist café.

From Prague for Your Beauty

A gift in the form of organic cosmetics will surely please many a lady. Natural creams, aromatic essences or bath soaks have a scent for every apartment. For a little bottled relaxation with the greatest respect for nature, you can stop at Manufaktura, Havlík’s Natural Apotéka or the Botanicus crafts centre. You can find several stores of these brands in Prague. And even gentlemen do not have to despair. All three of these stores also offer gift sets for men.

Something for Gentlemen

Taste buds will rejoice over various gift sets from Prague microbreweries. There are almost fifty of them in Prague and stylish bottles with a golden beverage invite you to buy them and evoke a pleasant moment with friends. The beer tastes better from your own pint glass. In addition to a beer drawing school and a breathtaking interactive exhibition on the history of beer in the Czech Republic, Prague Pilsner Urquell Experience Centre also offers the opportunity to have a pint with your name engraved on it. And as a supplement, you can also buy special beer cosmetics – for example, the one from Manufaktura.

There is Always Something for Children

In Prague, you can buy toys for children that will accompany them in the first years of their lives and last for future generations. Rely on durable and sustainable natural materials that minimise your carbon footprint. In addition, many such toys have a long tradition in the Czech Republic, or they refer to local legends and fairy tales – what about getting children a puzzle Hedgehog in a Cage or an animated Little Mole character? For toys with a sense of design and history, go to Kutulu or Hugo chodí bos stores. If you visit Hračkotéka, then be aware that you are not only choosing environmentally friendly toys, but also supporting people with disabilities that Hračkotéka employs in its Prague stores. If your children accompany you, do not forget to take them to the shops of the Czech company Kooh-i-noor, which has been producing art supplies since the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries. Where else than in their shop in the Myšák Gallery would children not only buy beautiful new crayons, but also see a life-size gorilla sculpture made of crayons of different colors.

Superior Levels of Quality

For VIP partners and guests, this overview must also include elegant products at the appropriate level. You will certainly not make a mistake with the famous Czech glass and crystal. The Moser brand, whose tradition dates back to the end of the 19th century, has a resonant name in the world. However, even its "younger siblings" in the form of Lasvit or Preciosa are not embarrassed and their artistic creations can be found in important representative buildings around the world. Visit their Prague showrooms and let yourself be enchanted! In addition to various home accessories, you can also buy designer jewelry here. If you are looking for timeless traditional jewelry for ladies, those with Czech garnet will certainly be a pleasant memory of Prague. This blood-red mineral was already known to the Celts, who discovered it on the Czech territory. In the 5th century, jewellery was already made in our country. Jewelry with Czech garnet is now offered by the company Granát Turnov.

Photocredit: Prague City Tourism

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