CEECHE 2016 conference is held in Prague

CEECHE 2016 conference is held in Prague

In regards to the hot worldwide topic of environmental pollution, the Central and Eastern European Conference on Health and Environment (CEECHE 2016) is held from the 10th 14th of April, 2016 in Hotel Diplomat, Prague. The main objective of CEECHE 2016 organised under unique Czech-American collaboration, is to better define the complex but common links between health and environment, particularly within CEE countries.

CEECHE conferences are being held biannually at venues across the Central and Eastern European region. Prague´s conference is hosted by the Institute of Experimental Medicine and organisationally supported by the University of Kentucky (USA). Several hundreds of delegates were welcomed by dr. Radim Šrám (CZ) and dr. Bernhard Hennig (USA) during opening remarks.

In general the meeting refers to the current research related to the prevention of environmental disease with a major focus on lifestyle choices/interventions that an individual can make to lessen their risk of pollutant-induced diseases.

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