Celebrating RunCzech 25th Anniversary and Hilton Worldwide 100th Anniversary

Celebrating RunCzech 25th Anniversary and Hilton Worldwide 100th Anniversary

100 years ago, Conrad Hilton bought his first hotel, the Mobley Hotel in Texas. Today, Hilton Worldwide operates 5 700 hotels in 113 countries around the world. 25 years ago, Carlo Capalbo founded Prague International Marathon, today´s RunCzech. 958 runners participated in the first race and more than 1 100 000 runners have been running with RunCzech since 1995. Hilton Hotels in Prague are the official RunCzech hospitality partner for over 20 years.

The celebration that Hilton Hotels in Prague have organized for Carlo Cabalbo as a surprise took place after a press conference dedicated to the fourth annual Yellow Ribbon Run event. One of the organizers of this initiative, which is focused on elimination of prejudices related to reintegration of ex-convicts back to normal and working life, is RunCzech. Hilton Hotels in Prague have been supporting it for four years.

The press conference took place in Cloud 9 Sky Bar & Lounge on the Hilton Prague rooftop. After the press conference, guests moved to the terrace where “Emil Zátopek” wished Carlo Capalbo the best in the balloon finishing arch. Hilton Prague chef Franco Luise, accompanied by the hotel management wearing running numbers, sang Carlo an Italian song. Finally, Carlo and Michael Specking, General Manager of Hilton Prague ceremonially cut a themed running cake.

Hilton Worldwide 100th anniversary celebrations will continue and culminate with a variety of events focusing on hotel guests, team and the local community at the end of May.

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