Cubex Centre Prague: Venue Inspired by Cubism

Cubex Centre Prague: Venue Inspired by Cubism

You probably already know about the Cubex multipurpose venue, one of our members. It is located in Pankrác and boasts a capacity of up to 1,200 people. What inspired its name and how were its interiors created? That´s what we’re going to reveal right now.

„As the name suggests, the interior design of Cubex was inspired by Cubism“ says Jaroslava Křížková, director of the venue.  “We wanted to offer our clients something unique, unconventional for conference interiors and typical for Prague or the Czech Republic at the same time. That was the assignment for the architectural competition at the beginning.“

„When we started to work on the competition study, it was clear to us that such a large exhibition and gathering space must have a strong unifying idea in order to not to drown in monotony. The idea of a Cubist paraphrase was thus offered as something specific to Prague architecture – unique worldwide, which would attract potential clients and visitors and would be clearly distinguishable from similar projects through its uniqueness“ says the main architect of the venue, Peter Hudák on behalf of 4a Architekti.

„We have used the Cubist decor in a much-transformed form; in fact, we took it apart and reassembled it. The final impression of the interiors is therefore more deconstructivistic with cubist elements. The diversity of the interior is underlined by a multimedia concept that allows all the premises to be completed according to the client´s requirements with a lot of visual and acoustic effects,“ adds Hudák.

The main goal of any architecture should be primarily its functionality and, in the case of Cubex, also its versatility due to the diversity of services provided. The premises must accommodate both large conferences and exhibitions, as well as gala dinners and corporate events. “The main hall, particularly, has to be universal enough to meet these requirements, also in terms of building properties as acoustics and lighting,“ Hudák points out. “The space needed to be able to be divided into smaller halls while maintaining the required parameters, e.g. a clean space without columns.“

The Cubism-inspired interior was one of the reasons why Cubex received the highest rating among new conference centres. Clean straight lines and openwork are used not only on walls and furnishings, but also in catering, graphic design and inventory and decoration. „Just as Cubism was sometimes referred to as an impractical style, some people also told us that we chose an unnecessarily complicated way of constructing the venue with technically demanding design and, consequently, maintenance requirements. But these “impractical” houses now attract tourists from all over the world, just as our unconventional Cubex attracts the attention of clients from Czechia and abroad precisely because it is different,” Křížková sums up. 

It´s not only inspiration from history that makes Cubex different from its competitors. Modern technologies - for example, the 102m2 Media Wall or the Chameleon Concept, which adapts a space’s colour to the client´s needs - makes Cubex a place to satisfy even the most demanding clients.

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