Cubex Premises Turned into a Forest Landscape

Cubex Premises Turned into a Forest Landscape

The Salesforce's event showcased Cubex's unique branding capabilities. The entire multifunctional centre was transformed into an evergreen forest full of bears and other wildlife.

The entrance doors as well as the glass-enclosed lounges were wrapped in a natural robe. All of the columns were also transformed and the unique atmosphere was complemented by the content being displayed on all of the screens. Cubex Centre Prague was divided into several inspiring zones for this adventure: the Main Stage, the Breakout Stage, and the Expo.

The Main Stage immersed visitors in the world of AI, innovation, and new trends in CRM. The lectures offered a deeper insight into the connection between AI and CRM data, or key elements of the future of trusted business. The breakout stage offered accompanying presentations focused primarily on applications, and the expo gave visitors a unique opportunity to interact with the latest technologies.

The stunningly decorated venue, in conjunction with the interesting lectures and other programming, ensured a unique event that all visitors praised and will never forget.

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