Czech Art Scene Thanks Front Line Workers and Presents "People to People" Project

Czech Art Scene Thanks Front Line Workers and Presents "People to People" Project

Living in the difficult times, we must rely on each other, and above all, on the workers in front line sectors, who do their work with dedication and a top level of professionalism.

First of all, we want to say thank you to the healthcare workers, who risk their own health and the health of their families, more than ever. We are also very grateful to our army, fire fighters and police. It is not only the rescue workers, who find themselves in the front line, but many other people: single mothers, people who lost their jobs or entrepreneurs who had to close their businesses permanently. Pandemic has taken its toll on many professions, including the arts scene. We perceive a high tension, and, at the same time, a huge level of solidarity within the Czech society. We sew facemasks and deliver shopping for those who need it; we help the elderly more than ever before.

We have decided to express our support and gratefulness to the frontliners and all those, who help to keep the everyday life in the country running or help deliver the medical supplies.

The Czech art scene, in cooperation with the QUIX event came together to make a thank-you video for all the people who help others or who cope with the hardship in their everyday life.

Video was filmed on Prague rooftops with artists dressed entirely in white. It features all the major Czech scene dance styles. Music for the video was put together by renowned Czech DJ and producer Michael Burian, who also performed in the video.

The second part of the #LIDELIDEM (“people to people“) project composed of projection of an image of heart and Czech national colours on the Prague architecture monuments supporting the project.

“It has all started with a feeling of need to create something beautiful and valuable. We did sew the facemasks, we did help where we could, but yet, we thought we did not do enough. Thus the idea, that we could express our “thank you“ in an original and unique way was born. We joined our forces (not for the first time): a technology and an art production manager – both with a dance art background; together we created a unique thank-you video project filmed on locations, we usually do not have access to, resulting in projection on architectural dominants or Prague. From the very beginning, a group of wonderful people joined us with a great creative enthusiasm. The doors of all the locations were opening to us too, and we were stunned by their friendly support and passion for the creative idea. We succeeded in getting excellent dancers representing various dance styles, the best camera and photography professionals etc. together to give life to the “people to people“ project. We thank them all for giving their absolute maximum to the project.“ say Eva Nečesalová and Katka Eichlerová of QUIX event.

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