Despite the State of Emergency, Czech Capital Continues Planting New Trees

Despite the State of Emergency, Czech Capital Continues Planting New Trees

Despite the urgent situation caused by the outbreak of coronavirus and the state of emergency in force, the Czech capital city intensively plants trees in the forests of Prague.

Prague City Council's Programme Statement for the years 2018–2022 includes a commitment to plant 1,000,000 new trees in the capital. In 2019 alone, over 350,000 forest tree seedlings were planted. And planting continues in 2020, even in an the state of emergency that was declared by the Czech government this March.

This year, thanks to new planting activities, a completely new forest was created on the southern outskirts of Prague. Following the same principles, as in other cases of planting, Prague foresters carefully selected such a mixture of seedlings for the new forest, that corresponds to the natural composition of tree species suitable for the locality. Deciduous species dominate the forest with almost 28,000 new trees.

During the spring of this year, another 80,000 forest trees will be planted in more than five major Prague locations, and again with the predominance of deciduous species. Presence of new green area this large will be undoubtedly appreciated not only by Prague's residents, but also its visitors, including those who arrive for meetings.

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