Discover, Enjoy and Work in Style

Discover, Enjoy and Work in Style

In Prague, the Clarion Congress Hotel Prague rises in splendor, with a touch of the future. The recent renovation of this prestigious hotel brings not only a modern design but also a careful consideration for ecological sustainability.

Since January 1, 2024, Clarion Congress Hotel Prague have entered a new era following the hotel's rebranding. As part of it, hotel introduces the new concept of Clarion Café, the focal point of the lobby, where both local residents and guests are welcomed. Local products and delicacies are available for purchase. The hotel's unique story buzzes around its own bees and honey, becoming an essential part of gastronomic experiences in the hotel.

Upon entering, you are welcomed into a spacious, elegant lobby where traditional charm meets futuristic design. The interior of each room is a masterful blend of comfort and environmental friendliness. The renovation not only restored the hotel's appearance but also planted the roots of ecological awareness.

Clarion Congress Hotel Prague now boasts not only luxury but also a green heart. The hotel has committed to reducing our ecological footprint through modern technologies and energy efficiency. A responsible approach to the planet has become an integral part of this prestigious hotel. The hotel encourages its guests to become co-creators of a sustainable story. Waste recycling, plastic minimization, and the use of renewable energy sources are not just phrases but concrete steps towards an ecological future.

And what is a hotel without its staff? Here at Clarion Congress Hotel Prague, every visitor is welcomed with a sincere smile.

So embark on a journey and open the doors to this new era of hospitality. Clarion Congress Hotel Prague offers not only comfortable accommodation but also the opportunity to be part of a story where luxury meets ecological responsibility. Here, the past meets the future, and everyone who enters this story has the chance to actively contribute to the protection of our planet.

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