Discover the Taste of the Mediterranean Riviera in Dejvice

Discover the Taste of the Mediterranean Riviera in Dejvice

How would you like to visit a restaurant inspired by a gastronomic tour of the towns and cities lining the Mediterranean coast and experience the lively atmosphere of that unique southern temperament whilst sharing local delicacies? This is the concept behind the new Bull & Bonito restaurant which recently opened in Prague's Dejvice district. The diversity and variety in the colour of the food tempts you to taste everything the menu offers and to share it with delighted friends, family or colleagues.

Imagine the atmosphere of vivid small coastal towns, cosy local restaurants and the aroma of exquisite Mediterranean dishes. This is the main objective of the new Bull & Bonito restaurant which is the embodiment of the very best the Mediterranean coast has to offer. At the restaurant you will find an array of light and fresh dishes containing grilled meat, fish and seafood, but mainly the typical energetic atmosphere that makes feasting together even more enjoyable.

Guests simply must try the share plates that are fundamental to Bull & Bonito's concept and are ideal for tasting and sharing. The restaurant's speciality is the Bonito Fish Cakes – served with a Sicilian dip – a secret recipe known only to the team. The chef's own foccacia served with superb Ajo Blanco and premium olive oil goes perfectly with the shared delicacies.

Finding it hard to decide between fresh fish, well-cured carpaccio or delicious chicken? Order the group tasting menu and together you can try everything that the restaurant offers. All about the restaurant is diverse and colourful, it aims to excite both your palate and eyes during tasting. The restaurant also prepares the perfect cocktail pairing to complement the tastes of the dishes guests have chosen, enhancing the food experience even further.

Your taste buds will be more than taken care of. The Mediterranean concept demands experts in the field and so you will find a team of professionals in our kitchen, led by Jan Schánil and Martin Hrbek. The best reward is a satisfied customer and so Bull & Bonito chefs often come out of the kitchen to meet their guests and receive feedback.

The restaurant lies in the Dejvice district of Prague, just off Evropská Street, the main route to Václav Havel Airport. Thanks to its location it is perfect for business lunches with partners, as well as for sparkling social events and candle-lit dinners. Lose yourself in the inimitable atmosphere of the restaurant and let yourself be carried off to the Mediterranean, bathing you in its energy and diversity.

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