Don’t Cancel Your Trip, Change the Date, and Save Tourism, CzechTourism Calls On Tourists

Don’t Cancel Your Trip, Change the Date, and Save Tourism, CzechTourism Calls On Tourists

CzechTourism agency together with the Czech Forum of Tourism launched new series of photo posts for social media with an appeal saying „Change the Date, Don’t Cancel Your Trip, Please Save Tourism, We Love You“. New campaign presents the sights from all the 14 regions of the Czech Republic with Czech or English texts. Companies, entrepreneurs, and regions can download the artworks on the CzechTourism brand website and use them for their communication for free. The appeal will be also published on the CzechTourism’s international communication channels and social media.

“The aim of the campaign is to provide immediate, even if only symbolic, support for companies and entrepreneurs in the current crisis situation. We would like to ask tourists not to cancel their trips, but just postpone,” says Jan Herget, Director of the CzechTourism agency. “We got inspired by Europe, Spain. We believe, we can motivate tourists to postpone their trip based on this campaign. The most important goal is to keep the Czech Republic and its regions in the minds of travellers. We are currently working on a new campaign that will be launched immediately after the situation calms down.  A new website is under construction now and we also consolidate the budget of the campaign, so that we are able to help efficiently. The situation is serious, we are now speaking about tens of thousands jobs we would like to protect.”

Based on the latest CzechTourism’s survey among 600 operators of collective accommodation establishments, a drop in demand from abroad by 50 – 100% can be expected this year. The prediction for the local demand is a bit more optimistic, the entrepreneurs mostly expect a drop of up to 50%.

Tourism is an important development sector of the national economy, accounting for three per cent of the Czech Republic's gross domestic product, providing around a quarter of a million jobs, and its share on the gross value added of the Czech economy per year is greater than agriculture’s. According to current data provided by the Czech National Bank, tourism revenues amounted to over CZK 167 billion in 2019.

The artworks are available here.

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