EQuiP conference took place at the end of April in Prague

EQuiP conference took place at the end of April in Prague

The main theme of the conference, held on April 22 and 23, was ‘Patient Safety in Primary Care’. The aim of the conference was to answer questions such as, “What is the role of the doctor and the patient?”, “How can the organization of the health system and your practice assure safer care?”, “How do you learn from your faults and make sure they don’t happen again?”, “How important is a healthy doctor for safe care?”, “Can the computer help or be a threat?”, “Which faults are the most important in general practice?”, “Are vulnerable patients more at risk than others?” and “Can we teach about safe care to students and trainees?”. These and several other related topics were addressed.

Experts from the field of primary care met in Kaiserstein Palace to share their experience, projects, research and knowledge in their practice, university, college or regional organization. During the EQuiP conference, participants could visit plenty of plenary sessions with international experts and many interactive workshops.

Among the most anticipated speakers undoubtedly belonged Maria Astier-Pena (Manager of the Patient Safety Group of the Spanish Society of Family Medicine and Community, Spain), Aneez Esmail (Professor of General Practice at the University of Manchester and Director of the NIHR Greater Manchester Patient Safety Translational Research Centre, United Kingdom) and David Marx (Czech Minister of Health on issues concerning health care quality and safety, Czech Republic). 

The Conference of the European Association on Quality and Safety in General Practice/Family Medicine was hosted by the Czech Society of General Practice CMA JEP and their partner WONCA Europe.  The conference was also granted by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic and Svatopluk Němeček, MBA (Minister of Health of the Czech Republic) acted as Honorary President. GUARANT International was an organizer of the conference.

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