Events in the Spirit of Sustainable Development

Events in the Spirit of Sustainable Development

CUBEX's commitment to sustainable development is evidenced by its corporate residence: the Trimaran building in the heart of "Prague's Manhattan", which received the prestigious LEED Platinum certificate of the highest category, confirmation of the maximum possible energy and operational efficiency. However, the fight for sustainability intersects in many other aspects of the center’s functioning. The long-term health of planet and all of us has a very important place here.

Ecology at CUBEX

A lack of drinking water is a growing threat, which is why there are reservoirs in the building’s basement for rainwater retention. This water is used in further operation, namely to flush toilets. CUBEX doesn’t flush expensive drinking water that we should protect into the sewer; it uses rainwater instead.

Facades with quality thermomechanical parameters perform a number of functions to save energy. An important part is definitely louver system for external sun protection. Depending on the intensity of the sunlight, the louvers are automatically retracted, extended and adjusted. This prevents the interiors from overheating, which not only reduces the demands on air conditioning, it also ensures the thermal and light comfort of visitors and staff of the centre.

Daylight is the healthiest. It is proven that staying in rooms without daylight has a negative effect on mental health, increasing fatigue and reducing concentration. Cubex receives lots of daylight, which is why visitors feel comfortable here.

Air conditioning with a system of variable air flow is currently the most efficient method of building ventilation. The system controls the air supply to individual rooms according to current needs, thanks to which the fans save up to 60% of energy.

There is LED lighting in every room. The intensity of LED light surpasses traditional light bulbs or fluorescent lamps, and it is also significantly more energy efficient. This is especially true if the lights are controlled automatically or by sensors, as is the case of Cubex, which further reduces the already very low consumption.

Carbon footprint minimization. Cubex gives its visitors a chance to limit car travel. It is close to public transport stations (metro, buses), and self-propelled enthusiasts (cyclists, runners) will find all the necessary facilities inside (bicycle stands, changing rooms, showers, etc.).


With partners in the spirit of the same philosophy

IN Catering Group, the catering partner of Cubex Centre Prague fights for sustainability as much as the team of Cubex itself. Minimalization of plastics and disposable cutlery and plates is a matter of course for them. But they also handle uneaten food gently. It is being passed to the Food Bank in Prague, with which it closely cooperates. From here the food travels to charities, to children, to single mothers, to the elderly, to the homeless or to the disabled.  

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