Exclusive oneAVstudioXR in Cubex Centre Prague

Exclusive oneAVstudioXR in Cubex Centre Prague

Have you heard of the term XR, or its full name “extended reality”? It differs from virtual reality (VR) in that we no longer just stand in the virtual world, but can change it in real time and interact with it as if it were real, and so create truly immersive scenes with visual effects.

Thanks to the unique technological equipment and support of AV MEDIA EVENTS, you can try out this extraordinary experience at Cubex Centre Prague.

XR is a revolutionary solution in the field of entertainment and education, but also in communication with clients, partners or fans, to whom you can present your message in a truly unusual way.

Virtual studio in  Cubex Centre Prague

During the period when it was not possible to organize live events, dozens of online events were broadcast from the virtual AV studio of the Cubex multifunctional centre –  from workshops and trainings, through shooting commercials, to large events involving distant international guests.

With client satisfaction as their goal, the virtual studio’s operator was motivated to expand its options and to regularly improve it. The aim was to provide truly superior services; the studio therefore now offers this extended reality experience. The XR concept was inspired by the film industry, but also by feedback from customers who wanted to communicate their products at the highest possible level.

XR environment escapes the limitations of online events

Boring 2D presentations are becoming a thing of the past; virtual events with remote participants are already common practice. So, you can take advantage of the XR studio’s limitless possibilities to create a completely unique event.

In XR, graphs move out of the ground, screens levitate, and presentations complement animated 3D objects. In addition, you can take conversations in the studio to a whole new level. For example, you can sit side by side in a studio with two participants, each one sitting in a completely different physical location.

There are no limits to your imagination in an XR environment. You can sit in a well-designed studio, stand in the middle of the jungle, or even combine both. In short, in extended reality, you can always surprise your audience.

Are you interested in this revolutionary solution? Cross the boundaries of reality – now at Cubex Centre Prague.

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