EXPERIENCE BEYOND IMAGINATION: Innovative Event at Cubex Centre Prague

EXPERIENCE BEYOND IMAGINATION: Innovative Event at Cubex Centre Prague

On March the 5th, Cubex Centre Prague hosted a fascinating event: "Experience Beyond imagination", organized in partnership by Cubex Centre Prague, AV MEDIA EVENTS, IN CATERING and IDEAS by Guarant International. This event aimed not only to present the unique capabilities of all of the organizing partners, but also to push the boundaries of events.

Three special concepts were presented in the main halls of Cubex. World of Sustainability, where the sustainable approaches of the organizers were demonstrated. In the second hall, the Chameleon Concept was presented; highlighting the ability to adapt to all client requirements in the areas of set-up, colour lighting, projections and catering. And finally, in Hall A1; a unique projection was presented, offering the audience a 360-degree experience not seen elsewhere in the Czech Republic. Attendees were able to enjoy performances by Mask Bureau artists, listen to live music from a DJ in the foyer, or meet the avatar that accompanied the entire evening. There was also a rich supporting programme that included: a demonstration of the possibilities of artificial intelligence in interpretation and transcription, a UV room, VR games, an AI photo booth or special make-up options. All of this was complemented by a unique catering menu, and an event app which also featured a competition for valuable prizes.

This event took the attendees beyond their imaginations, exhibited new possibilities of hosting events, and also created an inspiring environment for future innovation and collaboration within the industry. Please see for yourselves in the video from the event.

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