Forman Play Co-Produced by Quix

Forman Play Co-Produced by Quix

QUIX is co-producing a biographical play about one of the greatest directors of the 20th century. A native of Čáslav, who made his mark among the greats of cinema. Forman's colourful life is the perfect model and subject for a work he would certainly have loved to film himself.

And the protagonists of the production have presented his great life moments - his extraordinary childhood in the unfortunate events of history and the subsequent decisions that led him to the top of the film industry - with humor and insight that pay tribute to Miloš Forman. His desire and ambition to conquer the world's silver screens continues to inspire.

The production, with the help of QUIX's technicians, did a great job of building a stage in the outdoor spaces of the Kampa Museum. Audiences have the opportunity to see a fabulous performance supported by state-of-the-art sound and the installation of a unique battery-powered system that both powers and wirelessly transmits authentic footage to the LED screens in each scene. Together with the lighting effects, music and dancers accompanying the actors, it is a unique way of adding to the atmosphere.

“Man's dreams must always target above his abilities.”-Miloš Forman

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