Green Roofs and Oasis for Křižík Pavilions, Renovation of Pavilions Enters its Final Phase

Green Roofs and Oasis for Křižík Pavilions, Renovation of Pavilions Enters its Final Phase

Works on revitalizing and greening of the roofs of the Křižík pavilions at the Prague Exhibition Grounds (Výstaviště Praha) have begun. The reconstruction of the pavilions itself has advanced to the final stage. Three pavilions have now been completely reconstructed and certified as approved and the fourth pavilion is being finalized. The cost of the reconstruction of the pavilions amounted to approximately CZK 190 million excluding VAT. It should be completed by the end of 2023.

Reconstructed Křižík pavilions will offer a brand-new green oasis for the Prague citizens. It is important that the reconstruction of these buildings also includes much needed environmental measures. When renovated, the pavilions will offer not only multifunctional spaces of high standard for events, but also new pleasant green zones for relaxation and entertainment," comments Pavel Vyhnánek, Deputy Mayor of the Capital City of Prague for Finance and Budgeting, on the reconstruction of the Křižík Pavilions.

The revitalisation of the roofs of the pavilions and the implementation of the residence zones is directly related to the overall reconstruction of the Křižík pavilions. Roofs with a fresh new cover will offer a pleasant relaxation area with seating and a range of small catering services with beautiful views of the neighbouring Industrial Palace and the Prague Exhibition Grounds. The planting of the flat roofs with vegetation will not only provide a welcoming environment for visitors, but also a natural cooling of the local microclimate during the hot summer months. This will create a new green oasis for Prague residents and an interesting space for popular events on Prague rooftops and terraces.


Before the transformation into relaxation areas, the refreshment stalls on the roofs will be repaired and the spires with metal structures will be revitalized, with all works to be finished by the end of this year and a budget exceeding CZK 30 million. 


During the revitalization works on the roofs of the Křižík pavilions, various events can be held in the already reconstructed pavilions. "This year at the Exhibition Grounds is marked by extensive reconstructions, which will upgrade the complex to the top among the multifunctional spaces, and that not only in the Central Europe in the years to come. In the next two years, especially before the construction and modernisation of the Industrial Palace is finished, the Křižík Pavilions will provide space for events with the same size as the Industrial Palace could offer. We are therefore very pleased to be able to offer our business partners a fully adequate alternative for events with modern and cutting-edge technology facilities. Even the subsequent transformation of the Křižík pavilions roofs will not interfere with the rental of the indoor spaces," says Tomáš Hübl, President of the Board of Directors of Výstaviště Praha a.s.

The reconstruction of all four Křižík pavilions, advancing on a building-by-building basis, began in 2020. The first building - pavilion D - was reopened last year, and renovations of other pavilions: the larger pavilion B and the smaller pavilion C have recently been completed. Spaces can now also be almost 100% shaded. The last of the pavilions, building E, will be completed this November.

The renovated and modernized Křižík Pavilions with a total area of almost 5,500 m2 will be able to serve events that require the size of the Industrial Palace. After the current reconstruction, it will serve its purpose again, but the pavilions will not lose their use. Thanks to their variability, multifunctionality, modern facilities and clever technologies, the Křižík pavilions are already busy and will continue to be in great demand in the future.

About the Křižík Pavilions

The Křižík Pavilions are located in the lower park part of the Prague Exhibition Grounds and together form the Křižík Fountain Amphitheatre. Thanks to the extensive reconstruction, which all buildings have been undergoing gradually since 2020, the Křižík Pavilions provide ideal spaces for social and exhibition events of all kinds.

The history of the Křižík Pavilions dates back to 1991, when the General Czechoslovak Exhibition was held at the Prague Exhibition Centre. On this occasion, a set of four exhibition pavilions designed by architect Michal Brix and named after František Křižík were built in the lower part of the grounds around the Křižík Fountain, which was also undergoing reconstruction. The glass pavilions have a simple white steel construction and are marked with the letters B to E. The two outermost pavilions (B and E) have an area of 1,900 m² each, while the size of the middle pavilions (C and D) is 844 m² each.

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