Hard Rock Cafe Prague Celebrates Fifteen Years

Hard Rock Cafe Prague Celebrates Fifteen Years

Famous Hard Rock Cage Prague situated in the heart of the Old Town has celebrated its fifteenth birthday, with many local celebrities participating at the birthday party.

"We like to remember the opening of the Hard Rock Cafe in Prague as an unforgettable event full of energy and great music. Since then, we have expanded the menu to include other culinary specialties and introduced new music events for our guests," recounts Martina Lednová, CEO of Hard Rock Cafe Prague.

"Prague's Hard Rock Cafe is specific for its unique location in the historic city center, which evokes an unforgettable atmosphere associated with Prague's rich history," adds Lednová. The Hard Rock Cafe is located in the Rott House on Malé náměstí, which is a cultural monument with a Neo-Renaissance façade painted based on the model of Mikoláš Aleš's cartons. Until the mid-1990s, the building was known as a multi-storey hardware store.

"At the birthday party, we also handed over a cheque in the amount of CZK 110,000 to the Tereza Maxová Foundation, with which we have been cooperating for a long time. We organize charity events regularly, for example each October we join in the Pinktober and several others. We are also interested in sustainability," concludes Martina Lednová.

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