Hotel Alcron to Open Champagne Pop Up Bar 8ubbles

Hotel Alcron to Open Champagne Pop Up Bar 8ubbles

Famous BeBop Bar in Hotel Alcron will extend the variety of Prague bars by opening the Champagne Pop Up Bar 8ubbles in April — July. Renowned by its creative and funny cocktails, the BeBop Bar also hides a concealed bar for limited number of guests, with as few as eight bar stools. Starting from this week, this bar will become a unique venue of degustation of the best sparkling and still wines from different corners of Europe.

The Champagne Pop Up Bar 8ubbles will be opened Wednesday-Saturday, 16:00 - 24.00. Thanks to co-operation with some selected wine merchants who will alternate in three- or four-week intervals, the guests of the bar will be able to taste and enjoy wide variety of wines produced by large wineries or small family-owned businesses (even only one glass of each wine brand).

Its excellent location, just a few steps from the Wenceslas Square, opposite the Lucerna Palace, allows both the citizens of Prague and the visitors of the Czech capital to start the evening in a pleasant manner — or to finish the night with a glass of an excellent wine at this dazzling venue. The Pop-Up Bar offers an enjoying experience for pairs, small groups before going to the cinema, theatre or having another programme in the city, but also participants of business meetings who prefer a separate room and informal atmosphere. The Pop-Up Bar is also a good place for making small private parties and celebrations. Experienced sommeliers will be happy to meet every wish according to personal preferences of the guests or particular wine regions and they will also prepare tailor-made wine degustation for groups of wine lovers and connoisseurs.

The first presentation will be devoted to sparkling wines introduced by Advivum, a prominent Czech importer of French wines. The guests of the bar will be able to taste sparkling wines made by renowned wine makers Billecart, Salmon and Henriot, complemented by two excellent crémants: Domains Rolet Crémant from department Jura and Francois Chidaint from region Loire.

In the following weeks and months, the wines offered by companies GOOD WINE LOVERS, BEST WINE DISTRIBUTION, VINOVINOVINO and TERROIRS CHAMPAGNE-MILOS DANIHELKA will be presented in the Champagne Pop Up Bar 8ubbles. Among the wines offered by VINOVINOVINO, the guests can try Champagne wines made by the most excellent wine makers, such as family-owned winery Chartogne Taillet and its Chartogne Taillet Cuveé Saint Anne. Milos“ Danihelka, TERROIRS CHAMPAGNE, who is a top expert in Champagne wines, will supply bottles of Dhondt Grellet, Augustin or Pierre Paillard to the bar. TERROIRS CHAMPAGNE specialises in ‟wines of excellence‟ i.e., those made exclusively from carefully cultivated grapes according to natural procedures and grown on vineyards owned by individual wineries. The wine card will be complemented by excellent products, such as Pol Couron, Henri Giraud or forget Brimont, supplied by other high-end vine importers.

“Our one-glass offer of sparkling wines is very extensive, indeed. We would like to make our guests familiar with possibly wide range of wines, allowing them to try various taste profiles of individual wineries so as to find the most preferred mine, according to personal taste,” says Toma’s VostradovskJ, sommelier of the Champagne Pop Up Bar 8ubbles.

The offer of Champagne and sparkling wines from these companies will be complemented by a choice of excellent and rare wines of our hotel. Hence, the lovers of top-quality wines can enjoy archive wines, such as Dorn Perignon, Krug Clos du Mesnil, Goissot Clos de Goisses, Ulysse Collin Les Pierieres or iconic wines from Bordeaux, Burgundy or Piemonte.

The excellent wine experience will be rounded off by favourite snacks, such as fine de claire oysters, French or Italian smoked meat product, well-tried steak tartare made from salmon meat, chicken liver paté, French cheeses, favourite olives, or home- made pommes frites with grated truffles and truffle emulsion.


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