How Vienna House Hotels Contribute to Sustainability

How Vienna House Hotels Contribute to Sustainability

Never stop caring is the Vienna House approach to deal with the impact of their activities on environment. Sustainability has been a buzzword in recent years. What does it mean in the hotel business?

Climate change and the environmental impact of hotel activities are perceived by Vienna House hotels as their social responsibility. These are not just obvious things like limiting the use of plastic straws or disposable plastics. But this includes reducing CO2 emissions, saving water and energy consumption or using so-called "green" energy.

The hotel industry responds flexibly to changes and Innovation of their services in order to retain their clients. One example is the focus on local foods and their organic quality. At Vienna House Andel's in Prague's Smíchov, you will be surprised by beehives located on the rooftop, from which an average of 100 kg of honey is collected every year. Therefore, guests can enjoy breakfast with 100% quality honey directly from their very own hotel production. If guests would like to watch the "hotel" bees at work and while relaxing, they can watch a live broadcast from the hive on the first channel of the room TV.

Another example of sustainability is the Green Bags service in all Vienna House hotels. Guests have a choice to decide whether they prefer to keep the same towels during their stay. They are motivated to do so by a small reward, which they receive in a linen bag hung on the handle of the room. It is also worth mentioning the charging stations for electric cars in the underground garages.

Vienna House has become part of The Green Stay Initiative that provides transparent and normalized information on sustainability. It is no longer just a matter of trends but maintaining the quality of life for future generations.

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