Innovative Prague X

Innovative Prague X

Prague is not only an amazing historical city with a wealth of monuments, excellent gastronomy, cordial residents, and a wide range of events. It is also a modern and innovative science hub. Prague excels in many fields, such as artificial intelligence and robotics, biomedicine, low-carbon technologies, data technologies and selected creative industries, providing ideal opportunities for holding conventions and conferences with the matching topics.

The tenth edition will take you to the world of the best Prague-based and Czech start-ups, take you on a ride in an autonomous minibus and show you how to use artificial intelligence to create a visual identity or content for your event.

How to Stay Informed about News in HoReCa Segment

This is exactly what the Prague-based start-up SharpGrid, which is engaged in research and data collection in the segment of hotels, restaurants, and cafes worldwide, knows. And which data can we, thanks to this startup, acquire? For example, numbers of new businesses opened and their locations, which category they belong to and even how their pricing policy develops, or what their sales statistics are. It is no wonder that SharpGrid is also used by brands such as Heineken or Unilever, and several investors are now contributing to its further development. More information can be found on the CzechCrunch website.

Around Prague Exhibition Grounds On Autonomous Bus

People visiting the Prague Exhibition Grounds can move around the area mostly on foot, but at the turn of this September and October, visitors to the complex could also test one, relatively untraditional, mode of transport: a ride on an autonomous minibus entirely free of charge. As part of the "Ride of the Future" event, the Exhibition Centre provided the general public with the opportunity to take a ride in a self-driving minibus for 8 passengers, which reaches speeds of up to 20 km/h is also suitable for wheelchair passengers. Reports about the rides were also publishes by the news website, where you can find photos and a video of the test drives.

If you want to see where more than just technologies for autonomous vehicles are created, mark the date of October 6 in your diaries. This October Friday, Czech universities and scientific institutes open their doors as part of the Night of Scientists. You can find out which places you can see in Prague on the event website.

Artificial Intelligence Helps to Create Visual Identity of Prague Events

The Prague Light Festival: "Signal Festival" is already an established star of the Czech capital ‘s cultural calendar. Organizers of the eleventh edition of the annual festival introduced a new identity related to the three-year cycle called Ecosystems. Artificial intelligence as a tool helped graphic designers Jan Brož and Jan Novák to create the new visual identity of the Signal Festival. You can view it together with installations the Signal Festival has prepared for its visitors in mid-October on the Seznam Zprávy website.

However, Signal Festival is not the only event that has applied artificial intelligence. In September, the Dvořák Prague Festival of Classical Music featured artist Refik Anadol. The world-famous artist used not only artificial intelligence, but also machine learning for his presentation. His audiovisual creation in the form of a 3D video sequence referring to Antonín Dvořák was on display in front of the Rudolfinum from 8 to 13 September. A report from this event was published by Seznam Zprávy.

Do You Know the Best Czech Start-Ups?

It certainly cannot be said that the Czech start-up scene does not have enough innovative ideas and talented people. Their work, and, in a way, building the good name of Prague and the Czech Republic, is appreciated by two events with the same name: Startup Awards. While the CzechCrunch's Startup Awards were dominated by the Upheal project focusing on mental health, Forbes magazine's Startup of the Year was Better Stack, which monitors website availability and helps protect publishers from technical service outages.

Soon we will also learn the results of another interesting competition, the third annual AI Awards. It primarily awards personalities or organizations for their contribution to the development of AI in our country. The award ceremony will take place in Prague and will be the imaginary highlight of the month-long AI Days event.

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