Innovative Prague XIV

Innovative Prague XIV

Prague is not only an amazing historical city with a wealth of monuments, excellent gastronomy, cordial residents, and a wide range of events. It is also a modern and innovative science hub. Prague excels in many fields, such as artificial intelligence and robotics, biomedicine, low-carbon technologies, data technologies and selected creative industries, providing ideal opportunities for holding conventions and conferences with the matching topics.

In the fourteenth edition of Prague Innovative, for example, we will show you how AI connects history with the future, summarize how innovation is doing in the Czech Republic, present a prototype of a gunfire detection system, and tell you about Prague's plans to operate an autonomous metro.

When the Past Merges with the Future

A long-vanished Maya city has come back to the light of day again, thanks to the work of Czech archaeologists and their Slovak colleagues. With the help of artificial intelligence and aerial photography, they were able to determine the probable location of the Maya settlement, which was later confirmed by excavations. The discovered city, one of the oldest settlements of the Maya civilization, has been named Yax Balaam – the First Jaguar. The 3D visualization shows what Yax Balaam probably looked like. The report on finding was published by



Gunfire Detected in Seconds

A team from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University (FEE CTU) has, with the help of neural networks and machine learning tools, developed a new system that is able to detect gunfire, determine the type of weapon and even the location of the shooter in a few seconds. The acoustic gunfire detection system will not only be used by the military, but also, for example, in public buildings. In its press release, the FEE CTU said that they are now in search of a suitable manufacturer of the prototype.

Autonomous Trains to Be Introduced on Metro C Line

Autonomous metro trains, i.e. driverless cars, are nothing new in the world. In Prague, we have heard about plans to include them in operations mainly in connection with the D line, which is currently under construction. However, the City of Prague is considering to bring unmanned carriages on the existing C line, where they would prevent overcrowding during peak hours thanks to shorter intervals. The upcoming tender was reported by the server

State of Innovation in the Czech Republic

A year has passed, and the Czech Statistical Office has published its yearbook again, dealing with the innovative environment in the Czech Republic. Among other things, it is dedicated to the development of the number of patents granted, high-tech goods and artificial intelligence. The yearbook shows, for example, that trade in high-tech goods (computer or aerospace technology, scientific instruments, or goods from the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors) is thriving in our country and its exports and imports are constantly increasing. Similarly, research and development in the field of artificial intelligence is also thriving. In 2022, for example, 847 diverse AI-focused projects were supported by state funding. The fact that, according to the Yearbook, individual entities engaged in AI research actively communicate and cooperate with each other, can certainly be seen as a competitive advantage. A detailed summary of the yearbook's conclusions can be found on the VědaVý website.

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