Křižík Pavilion D: A Congress Space Where the Stars Dance

Křižík Pavilion D: A Congress Space Where the Stars Dance

Over the last almost two years, Prague Exhibition Grounds – Výstaviště – have been transformed into a green oasis in the centre of Prague. You can enjoy an afternoon with your family, an evening with friends, or a cultural or sporting event here. Or perhaps corporate events, parties with business partner or conferences have brought you to us. The Křižík´s Pavilions are a great place for such events, especially the newly-reconstructed Pavilion D, which currently hosts the popular StarDance competition.

Up until 18 December 2021, samba, rumba, waltz and quickstep rhythms will be heard here. When the last truck of props is taken away, "Déčko", as we here at Výstaviště call the pavilion, will belong only to conferences, trade fairs, exhibitions and corporate events. 

Following its complete reconstruction, Pavilion D is fully air-conditioned and can be completely darkened easily and quickly. Thanks to our cooperation with Xlab, we will help you prepare a tailor-made hybrid event to surprise guests with digital effects, but also with video mapping.

Hall D has 800 m2 and can comfortably fit up to 1000 people. But a pure industrial space is not the only thing the building offers. You can expand your event to the outdoor meadow or the roof of the Pavilion, from which there is a unique view of the crowns of the trees in the lower part of Výstaviště, the adjacent Stromovka and the rocks lining the opposite bank of the Vltava River. And if your event runs into the evening hours, the ceiling over your head will be a starry sky that doesn't need any technology to be perfect.

And that is still not all. The architecturally interesting Křižík's pavilions from 1991 have yet another dimension, namely the Křižík's Fountain that they surround, thereby creating an outdoor amphitheatre with a capacity of up to 5 thousand people.

Great transport accessibility, a large parking capacity and interesting hotels in the vicinity make Výstaviště an attractive destination for both domestic and foreign guests.

So, can you imagine your event here? Or would you like a little different space? Soon you can look forward to the reconstructed Spirála Theatre or Bohemia Pavilion, or you can already use the Rychta Atelier for smaller events.

The best events are at Výstaviště. We will be pleased to help you with them. 

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