Local and Sustainable Products; New Prague Airport Shop Supports Czech and Slovak Brands

Local and Sustainable Products; New Prague Airport Shop Supports Czech and Slovak Brands

"Future is Local" is the name of a new shop at Václav Havel Airport Prague, which purposely promotes almost thirty Czech and Slovak brands. All offered local goods are produced from quality materials, in a sustainable manner, and with respect to the environment. The concept and design of the shop, located directly in the Terminal 2 building, also bear the same elements.

“We are happy that, together with Lagardère Travel Retail Czech Republic, we have opened a purely local shop, which is the first of its kind at the airport and promotes a concept unique even on a global scale. We have long been advocating the topic of sustainability. Therefore, the concept fits right into the entire company strategy. Further expansion of airport services with a similar approach has our full support,” Jakub PuchalskýMember of the Prague Airport Board of Directors, said.

The Future is Local shop features not only established companies with a long tradition, but also small starting businesses, and includes products from a protected workshop. Passengers can find there fashion and gift items, alongside natural cosmetics products from brands such as Klara Rott, KAMA, Studio Malíská, Havlík's Natural Pharmacy, Chrpa protected workshop, ABRAKA, Reparáda, and others.

“The idea on which we have based the whole concept is clear: the future lies in local resources, i.e., in goods, services, materials and, above all, people. At Future is Local, we believe in local production, honest craftsmanship, our heritage, and tradition. These are also the criteria by which we select our suppliers. No brand is anonymous, quite the opposite. The shop is there for everyone who wants to learn more and cares about how, where, and what they buy, and who they support with their purchases. Transparency and awareness are an integral part of sustainability. Already from the first customer reactions, we can see how positively they feel about the shop. That is why we are already thinking about expanding our activities in a similar manner even more,” Richard Procházka, CEO of Lagardère Travel Retail Czech Republic, added.

The interior design was created with the minimisation of environmental impact in mind. All the equipment was made by a local company from sustainable, recycled, and refurbished materials, including recycled wood, and vinyl flooring made from PET bottles. The option of recycling the used materials in the future was also factored in during the store design.

Passengers can learn the stories of all local brands via the QR codes located near the shelves, hangers, and showcases of individual suppliers.

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