Major Revitalization of Holešovice Market and Exhibition Grounds in Prague Continues Successfully

Major Revitalization of Holešovice Market and Exhibition Grounds in Prague Continues Successfully

Výstaviště Praha company which manages the Prague Exhibition Grounds and the Holešovice Market, concluded the year 2023 with a positive result and continues to develop both areas further in 2024. From the construction activities point of view at the Exhibition Grounds, the reconstruction of the Industrial Palace, which has been in progress for the second year in a row, including the completion of the left wing, as well as the final stage of the reconstruction of the New Spiral, which will reopen for shows and events in the autumn of this year, have been vitally important. In the Holešovice Market, the crucial reconstruction of the former slaughterhouse market continued, where, after decades, a restaurant will reopen for operations next year.

The Industrial Palace, Steel Landmark of Exhibition Grounds

In the past year, intensive work continued on the reconstruction and completion of the Industrial Palace (beginning of February 2022), with all excavation work currently completed, a basement was built under the left wing, which will serve as a technical background for the left wing and at the same time there will be spaces for supplies, sanitary facilities and gastro. One of the most important elements, however, was the construction of the left wing steel structure, the process which could have been observed by the visitors to the Exhibition Grounds practically every day. In addition, most of the technical and installation channels in the central hall and the right wing were renovated, and most of the restoration work on the stained-glass windows was carried out. Metalworks and excavation works for the air-conditioning system were also performed.

 "In the past year, we have continued with a number of reconstructions at the Exhibition Grounds and in the Market. Some of them were completed and others began. Of course, the most closely watched landmark at the Exhibition Grounds is the Industrial Palace, where visitors can watch the raising of steel structures and other outdoor works on a daily basis. However, there has also been a great progress on the roofs of the Křižík Pavilions, which will be finally planted with greenery in the coming weeks, and the final works will take place at the revitalization of the roofs as a residential area. Another major construction progress took place on the building of the Commodity Exchange in the Market. Other halls in the complex are yet to undergo a well-deserved reconstruction, but we believe that thanks to the concept now being approved, works will start soon," comments Tomáš Hübl, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Výstaviště Praha, a.s.

Nová Spirála Will Soon Present Program for 2024 Season

Nová Spirála is now in the final phase of its total reconstruction, which the building of the former theatre, now a multi-genre space, has been waiting for since the floods in 2002. In April this year, the program will be announced as part of the re-opening of its activities at a ceremony, and in the autumn, Nová Spirála will welcome its first viewers.

Revival of Market Hall Begins

The Holešovice Market Hall has completed its first entire year under the management of Výstaviště Praha, a.s., and both areas have already joined their forces very well in terms of mutual business and marketing support, in the use of human resources and overall cooperation. "We have had a year of some sort of marriage of the two areas, and I think we are doing very well in terms of interconnection of economic and human potential. The Exhibition Grounds is in the lead in terms of the renewal and revitalization of the entire area, the Holešovice Market Hall is at the beginning of its own revival, but I believe that everything will go smoothly as well as in the case of the Exhibition Grounds, despite the unexpected challenges we faced in recent years in the form of the covid pandemic or the war on Ukraine, which of course rewrote the schedule of many projects," says Václav Novotný, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Výstaviště Praha, a.s.

Commodity Exchange and Other Halls Under Reconstruction

In 2023, the start of the reconstruction of the Exchange building was crucial, the final appearance of which, in particular, Prague residents can look forward to as early as next year. The building will regain its original character without extensions and will eventually offer the operation of restaurant. "Last year, a public tender was held for the operator of the Exchange building after the completion of the reconstruction, where Zátiší Group was selected from the bids received. We believe that thanks to long years of experience and the top gastronomy of the Zátiší Group, the Exchange will bring the best offer for the guests of the Market," concludes Tomáš Hübl.

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