Meetings Prague Continues to Inspire Even in Difficult Times

Meetings Prague Continues to Inspire Even in Difficult Times

The current situation regarding the COVID-19 disease is anything but favourable to the meetings industry and tourism worldwide in general. All the more pleased we are to observe the wave of solidarity and invention that all the restrictions have aroused in the Czech capital city. A number of Prague enterprises in this sector have modified or completely changed the way they operate literally from minute to minute, and they have been involved in initiatives popping up around Prague and helping those in need.

After closing the hotels, Clarion Congress Hotel Prague donated the food remaining in their storage to the children's homes in Prague. The owner of this hotel, CPI Hotels, also offered the government all its currently closed hotel facilities for possible use to accommodate people suffering from COVID-19. Apart from the CPI Hotels, another Czech hotel chains OREA Hotels & Resorts or Pytloun Hotels took the same helpful attitude.

Restaurant chain Together decided to donate and distribute 30 lunches from its restaurants to various organizations and people in need every day. Free lunches went already to the organization Happy to be a senior (Seniorem s radostí), which cares for the elderly, or to Prague's hospitals and pharmacies. The Zátiší Group, which sends 15 meals daily from its facilities to the emergency reception of Motol Hospital, act the same way. Other well-known chefs Zdeněk Pohlreich and Jan Punčochář also prepare meals for members of the Integrated Rescue System in the Czech Republic, those willing to contribute to purchase of food for preparation of these meals, can do so via transparent accounts. 

Vega Tour transfer company offers its fleet for free transportation of food, shopping or other materials to social services. At the same time, the company is now focusing on providing transport to individuals and employees who need to go to work in urgent matters, so that they are able to avoid busy places and the public transport.

The staff of the partner entities also got down to sewing reusable cotton face masks. The masks then head to where they are currently needed the most. For example, at the beginning of the crisis it was Asia: Liberty International, a DMC, donated a thousand masks to its Hong Kong branch.

If you would like to participate in one of the initiatives and offer your free capacities, we recommend looking at the “Marketplace in times of uncertainty”. This virtual marketplace was launched in mid-March by the Association of Social Responsibility, and you can find not only demand for scarce capacities and materials there, but also offer your services.

If you have limited your working hours or presence in your office, but still need to be in touch with your partners, you might welcome the offer of special online meeting packages and lecture streaming now offered by Audiolight. You can also go online with QUIX, which will provide you with webinars, virtual studios, streaming cultural events, or even a virtual moderator, including a record of all your online activities.

In case you still travel or walk to your workplace or run your own errands, stop by in your favourite restaurant for lunch. A number of restaurants, whose doors are currently closed for their guests, sell their meals through pick-up windows. Our catering partners (Golem catering, Zátiší Group) have also newly included lunch delivery in their offer.

For those, who are now struggling with labour shortage due to the quarantine,, the agency providing professional supply of hostesses, offer new service focusing on supplying trained staff for administrative jobs.

Prague and the Czech Republic in a new campaign also encourage tourists to help tourism “Don’t Cancel Your Trip, Change the Date, and Save Tourism. We love you.” initiated by CzechTourism in cooperation with the Czech Forum of Tourism. You can download a series of photos on the CzechTourism website with the slogan in Czech or English presenting all 14 regions of the Czech Republic and use them for your communication purposes.

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