Modernized Terminal 1 opened at Prague Airport

Modernized Terminal 1 opened at Prague Airport

The Prague Airport officially opened the modernized hall of the Terminal 1 with a brand new Prague City Tourism Visitor Centre and Mattoni Bar. Changes in the interior are part of a long-term project called "Changing airport for you", which aims to make the airport environment more enjoyable and improve services.

The arrival hall of the Terminal 1, one of the oldest buildings at Vaclav Havel Airport Prague, experienced the first revolutionary change in its history. Building adjustments took place during the full operation of the airport from March this year.

The most dominant feature of the modernized Terminal 1 arrival hall is the new Visitor Centre. Visitors will gain there all information related to arrivals and departures, airport services, tourist information about Prague and the Czech Republic as well as transportation possibilities to the city center. In addition, tourist will be able to exchange money there, arrange a taxi or buy tickets for public transportation. Opening hours of the Visitor Centre follow the operating hours of the airport itself.

“The new design and better visibility of the Terminal 1 Visitor Centre has helped attract a greater number of clients than in previous months. From 9th May, when the Visitor Centre launched operations, the number of answered questions has almost tripled. To ensure the best service for clients, we have extended the opening hours to the current 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and significantly increased the manpower of individual shifts,” Nora Dolanská, Director of Prague City Tourism, noted.

You can find more information here (in Czech language only).

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