Montessori community found a way to support each other in joining the Prague congress

Montessori community found a way to support each other in joining the Prague congress

“Help teachers from Third World countries to come to the Congress. Your donations will be used to create a fund for this purpose. At the beginning of the Congress we will announce how many teachers and from where were able to come thanks to your help. Thank you!”, says the registration form for the 28th International Montessori Congress (AMI 2017), which will take place in Prague during 27th – 30th of July, 2017. Delegates can contribute by arbitrary amount, therefore everyone can join according to their options and thus support the community.

Together, the Montessori Institute Prague (MIP), the Association Montessori CR and Andílek Montessori Schools, under the auspices of AMI are in charge of organising the 2017 event. The C-IN company, which will provide AMI 2017 with PCO services, considers the field of Montessori as a very refreshing and inspirational partner for the whole team not only by its different theoretic approach, but also on a personal level.

The option of donating in the registration process is just one example of many, which place the AMI congress on a whole other level of organisational stage. Actions such as these donations may spark more ideas and efforts in delegates to further develop the congress. At the same time it makes the professional community stronger and sustainable. As the organizer, the C-IN team is motivated to think outside the box and look for creative solutions, which is also very useful for future projects.

You can find more information about the congress here.

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