Next Step to Airport Train: Railway Infrastructure Administration and Prague Airport Coordinate Plans

Next Step to Airport Train: Railway Infrastructure Administration and Prague Airport Coordinate Plans

In pursuance of the Prague - Kladno train track modernisation including a direct connection to Václav Havel Airport Prague, the Railway Infrastructure Administration closely cooperates and coordinates its plans with Prague Airport. In December, the companies signed two important documents in this regard.

Namely, a Letter of Intent and an Agreement on Association of Sector Contracting Authorities were concluded which will enable the joint preparation and coordination of individual rail connection construction projects on Prague Airport premises, respecting the specifics of the airport infrastructure.

The agreements solve the coordination of the construction project called Looping the Airport Railway Connection to the Prague - Václav Havel Airport Prague - Kladno Line, pursued by the Railway Infrastructure Administration, with the project of expanding Terminal 2 and relevant taxiways (APRON D2), worked on by Prague Airport.

The coordinated processes of the Railway Infrastructure Administration and Prague Airport mainly comprise the coordination of the planned tunnel ring track under Terminal 2 and the adjacent taxiways.

“The conclusion of the agreements will enable technical and time sequencing during the preparation and subsequent implementation of construction. In addition, the procedure will ensure cost savings for both parties,” Jiří Svoboda, CEO of the Railway Infrastructure Administration, said.

“The recently concluded agreements between the Railway Infrastructure Administration and Prague Airport represent another step on the way to the launch of the airport rail connection with the centre of Prague, on which we are working closely with the Railway Infrastructure Administration. Apart from Dublin, Prague is currently the only capital city in Europe without a rail connection to its airport. The launch of a train connection is a must for the further development of the airport. Both steps are vital for ensuring increased passenger comfort and developing additional air connections. Without a train link and further development, Prague Airport cannot become a modern 21st century airport,” Vaclav Rehor, Chairman of the Prague Airport Board of Directors, added.

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