Prague Airport Honey Wins Gold Medal for Ninth Time in Row

Prague Airport Honey Wins Gold Medal for Ninth Time in Row

Prague Airport has won the ninth gold medal in a row for its blossom honey, competing in the Czech Honey contest, held annually by the Czech Beekeepers Association. Once again, the airport honey samples received a 100% rating in parameters such as water content, sucrose, electrical conductivity, correctness of information on the labels, and the overall aesthetic impression of the honey packaging. Prague Airport has been submitting its honey samples to the competition since 2013.

“Beekeeping was established at the airport in November 2011, primarily as a means of air quality biomonitoring, to assess the air transport impact on the quality of the environment. The collected honey and pollen samples are subjected to analyses by the accredited laboratory of the University of Chemistry and Technology Prague. Biomonitoring using bees is only a small part of the overall environmental monitoring, where the airport monitors about 40 parameters above the scope of legal requirements,” Soňa Hykyšová, Prague Airport Environment, Sustainability, and ESG Director, said.

Since 2019, the airport has also been monitoring its bees using a system for electronic monitoring of bee colonies – ProBee. Using this system, we monitor the weight of the hives, the temperature, and the acoustic behaviour in the bee colony.

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