Prague Congress Centre can start counting its savings

Prague Congress Centre can start counting its savings

The complex reconstruction of technical equipment of the Prague Congress Centre has been finished. It will cut down the annual operating costs by 30%. The first months have already indicated that the percentage of the savings can be even higher. The reconstruction was done according to the plans in full operation by ENESA.

From September 2015 to November 2016 Congress Centre hosted nearly 200 events and 500 000 visitors proceeded its gates. No one had a clue that the biggest reconstruction of technological equipment since the 70s when the Congress Centre was built was taking place. "At the time when we were signing the contract PCC had contracted events for hundreds of millions and it was clear that there could not be any clashes. Every step, which would have impact on the operation of the centre, had to be done at the time when there were no events planned. It was quite difficult as there are very few such days," explains Ivo Slavotínek, General Manager of ENESA.

The reconstruction included boiler room, cooling system and air conditioning system engine room. Also the system of measurement and regulation as well as lighting system went through vast modernization and extension. The reconstruction was part of energy saving project which cost 126 million CZK and which guarantees that PCC will save 213 million CZK in ten years in total. "The reconstruction was extremely vast and at the beginning we were worried but everything went well," says Luděk Bednář, Technical Department Manager.

The project is ensured in the form of energy performance contracting (EPC), therefore PPC can annually count with 21, 3 million CZK either from the saved operational costs or from the supplier of the project who commits to defray the difference between the guaranteed and the real saving. "The results reached since April 2016 are promising. In comparison with 2016 the energy consumption in the last ten months has remarkably decreased. We already know that the guaranteed saving which is constantly going down in the first year and is now 16, 4 million CZK will be noticeably surpassed," informs Ivo Slavotínek about the first results.

ENESA is interested in further increase of PCC energy effectiveness and is ready to use the energy management which was beneficial at several similar projects in buildings like National Theatre, Czech Philharmony, Stavovske Theatre etc.

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