Prague Congress Centre Keeps up with New Trends

Prague Congress Centre Keeps up with New Trends

To ensure facilities for big congresses, conferences and festivals and stand comparison with world prestigious congress centres means to follow new modern trends. Prague Congress Centre meets up its clients` demanding requirements and apart from flexible spaces it offers the latest novelties of audio-visual technologies, complex software and hardware solutions and advanced high-tech self check-in systems for professional event management.

“In Prague Congress Centre we try to provide our clients with the most comfortable solutions to help them organize their event. We want them to have a feeling that organizing a congress, conference or a culture event can go smoothly and effectively, that they have received top quality services from us and that they will gladly come back. Our service offer includes rent of our own technology equipment as well as products from reliable suppliers. We choose those who offer special solutions simplifying the event management. Good solution for us is the one which has a particular measurable profit for the visitors of an event,” says AV technology Manager Milan Svoboda.  

The latest technology novelty is a self check-in system which simplifies the organization of the event.  Modern self check-in kiosks ensure smooth and effective registration of attendees and also allow the participants, who did not manage to register online, registration on spot. A sophisticated application helps to create invitation cards and send them to guests. Potential visitors can register just by one click on a special registration web page. Entry QR code will be send afterwards by an e-mail. The system also monitors the activity of attendees and up-dates online accessible data. 

Other tool, which will make event management easier, is a complex software and hardware solution for electronic content maintenance. It is a modular system collecting presentations and distributing them to conference halls. The system also helps to prepare or adjust the conference programme and displays various information on the monitors in front of conference halls or send the info to participants. The system contains three different modules – for an administrator, organizer and participant. The module Administrator is only meant for trained technicians. It serves for recording, checking and editing of presentations, it enables to check functionality of the system, to set all parameters of the event such as resolution or source graphic of particular projections. The module Organizer helps with the time management of the event, administration of electronic posters and information boards, maintains the database and collects statistic data. The module Participant collaborates with Android and iOS applications and enables to find all relevant information about the event such as the programme of presentations, lectures and seminars or lists of the speakers and authors of contributions. At the same time participants can evaluate lectures, ask for presentations or communicate with the authors.

Prague Congress Centre is also an excellent place for organizing cultural events and festivals. Some of them are provided with a complex audio-visual technology which can meet the highest expectations. An example of a successfully maintained event is a young festival 4FANS for you-tubers, vloggers, music fans and online game players which required excellent services and high-end equipment. To make such an event even more interesting, PCC has started to offer a new special holographic technology which enables to transmit various scenes and pictures on the background stage and make special effects such as a conversation between speakers and their holographic clones. During an internal marketing conference the used technology included approximately 150 m2 LED screens thanks to which the hall turned into a circus or a hockey stadium. 40 intelligent lights lit the scene to increase the effect.

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