Prague Continues to Develop Sustainable Mobility

Prague Continues to Develop Sustainable Mobility

Sustainability is a topic of a great significance for Prague, including the city’s transportation system. If the Czech capital wants to be perceived as a modern destination, it is also necessary to consider the current climate situation, and to prevent, to a maximum possible extent, any influences that negatively affect it before they grow to dangerous proportions. By promoting sustainable mobility, Prague also strives to meet the expectations of those event organizers who prefer destinations that focus on sustainable development, when choosing locations for their events.

Prague has been working on a sustainable mobility plan for a long time seeking to mitigate exhaust gases as much as possible by using electric power or by supporting bicycle transport. As a result, the number of Prague cyclists has also increased dramatically since 2019, by about 73%. It was the great leap in the popularity of cycling that led the representatives of the capital city of Prague to decide to expand the network of cycle paths even further.

The development of electromobility in the Czech capital is supported as well. A good example is the signed memorandum regarding the cooperation of the City of Prague, Pražská energetika (Prague Energies Company) and ŠKODA AUTO. The main goal of this cooperation is clear: to fill in the white areas on the map of the capital city, where the infrastructure is still lacking, so that the recharging facilities are available for the electric vehicle owners more widely. In places that will be located on the routes busiest with the electric vehicles, construction works on high-speed HPC (High Power Charging) charging stations have started. "In the future, high-speed HPC charging stations, together with slow parking charging stations built by the city, will form the core of the electromobility infrastructure for Prague and will help the city achieve the emission targets resulting from the Climate Plan by 2030," adds Jaromír Beránek, Chair of the IT and Smart City Committee of the Prague City Council. Another goal of the city is the advanced visibility of the charging stations in applications so that drivers have an overview of where they can recharge their vehicle.

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