Prague Focuses Its Attention on Circular Economy

Prague Focuses Its Attention on Circular Economy

The wake of economic recession, incurred by the COVID-19 epidemic, offers Prague an opportunity to direct its development towards the principles of a circular economy, in which waste is perceived as a resource to be used. In its press release, the municipality confirms it is now commissioning a new Strategy for the Transition of the Capital City of Prague to Circular Economy. The document will propose measures and verify binding and measurable goals the city can support and meet in its activities.

Circular economy as a concept improves consumption patterns and promotes usage of shared services in order to reduce pressure on primary resources.  The City of Prague plans to focus its attention in this way with the primary aim on water and waste management or on the local agriculture. Prague municipality has been working on a comprehensive set of measures to affect the organizational structure of the city, its management and its social system.

Even before the adoption of the resolution, the City of Prague and its organizations prepared a number of conceptual documents, and they carried out numerous project activities contributing to the city's shift towards circular resource management. Among them are: recently agreed support for organic farming on land owned by the City of Prague, introduction of city-wide biowaste collection and pilot project of kitchen waste collection; support for reuse projects and reduction of disposable plastics at municipal events and facilities. At the same time, an update of the regional and municipal waste management plan is underway, aimed at redefining goals and measures to reduce the total production of mixed municipal waste in the Czech capital by at least half by 2030.

The strategy of the circular economy has the potential for creating of new green jobs and for reducing carbon dioxide emissions, and thus for improving the overall quality of life of all Prague residents.

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