Prague Food Waste Collection System Enables Improvements in Meetings Industry Sustainability

Prague Food Waste Collection System Enables Improvements in Meetings Industry Sustainability

Since autumn 2021, Prague restaurants have been able to use the city's system of distribution and collection of food waste containers.

Unlike bio waste - the exclusively biodegradable waste of plant origin, food waste also includes residues of food of animal origin (meat, bones, pastries, etc.). It is even possible to dispose of food waste with packaging in the food container. The collected kitchen waste is then processed and used in a biogas plant, producing energy as the primary, and agricultural fertilizer as the secondary product. Consistent separating of food waste could potentially reduce the total volume of municipal waste by up to 20%.

Following the pilot project of food waste collection, launched in Prague in December 2019, the capital city came up with the introduction of the kitchen waste collection from school canteens in autumn 2021. Since October 2021, private companies such as restaurants, canteens, bistros, etc. have also been able to join the city's collection system. The Červený Jelen (Red Stag) Restaurant has been sorting and collecting food waste since its opening in October 2019. "Food waste collecting is the most expensive of all waste items, but it was still a clear choice for us. We consider food waste sorting to be necessary nowadays," comments Jiří Bednář, the Červený Jelen (Red Stag) Restaurant Sous Chef.¨¨

In the case of meetings and conferences, the waste generated, together with greenhouse gases, and energy and water consumption is one of the main contributors to the environmental burden. Sorting waste, not only from kitchen, and preventing its generation are the most effective ways of reducing economic and environmental impacts in the meetings and events industry.

Information on the food waste handling and disposal, choice of gastro containers sizes and frequencies of their collection, together with the application form for Prague restaurants, are available on the website.

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