Prague Hosted the Conference of Concrete Experts

Prague Hosted the Conference of Concrete Experts

Can one not talk about concrete for too long? Concrete experts from around the world convinced us otherwise at the 7th International Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Conference (7ICAAC) held at Cubex Centre Prague.

From September 6th to 8th, a three-day conference focused on autoclaved aerated concrete took place at Cubex. The 7th edition celebrated the 100th anniversary of this material. The conference brought more than 400 international experts from scientific institutions, autoclaved aerated concrete manufacturers, material suppliers, and organizations interested in this still fresh 100-year-old building material, as well as builders, architects, and other professionals to Prague.

Among the topics explored, discussions included the sustainability of autoclaved aerated concrete, global energy supply obstacles, challenges from the construction industry, digitization, modeling, simulation, material resilience, and much more.

Thanks to the unique possibilities at Cubex, presentations and lectures were complemented by an array of dazzling projection styles. A holographic projection was also utilized as a key addition to the presentations. The atmosphere was enhanced by the unique lighting of the entire multifunctional centre.

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