Prague Improved Its Position within GainingEdge Competitive Index 2020

Prague Improved Its Position within GainingEdge Competitive Index 2020

GainingEdge launched the Destination Competitive Index back in 2018. This benchmarking tool ranks cities based on their competitive strength to attract international conferences. The index starts with International Congress & Convention Association’s (ICCA) list of TOP 100 destinations based on the last three years results and taking into consideration also the decision-making factors of meeting planners.

Prague, a stable TOP 10 in the ICCA ranking with 451 international association meetings hosted between 2017 and 2019, improved its position from 52nd to 47th in the Index. Having a less competitive convention destination product than many global and European cities, Prague’s meeting performance is indicative of a strong convention bureau very effective at harnessing the city’s intellectual capital. In Europe ranking, Prague took the 20th place, experiencing a very solid growth of +5 position. All this contributed to the fact that Prague was included among the “Cities to Watch” within the Index Report.

In 2020, the ranking is led by Paris, the nr. 1 also in 2019, Singapore, New York, Barcelona and Tokyo. More information and complete report can be found here.

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