Prague Introduces New Souvenirs

Prague Introduces New Souvenirs

Prague City Tourism, the official destination organization of the Capital City of Prague is this week launching a completely new portfolio of souvenirs that showcase Prague as a cultural and sustainable city. The company has turned to some renowned Prague artists to make it happen. The respective artists have created the products exclusively for Prague City Tourism, in many cases as limited editions. City Hall is working together with the organization on implementing a new strategy, prioritizing innovative and upmarket tourism. Souvenirs can be purchased through the e-shop or at the Petřín Tower, which is a pilot point of sale.

Souvenirs may seem a rather low-key matter, but this element of Prague’s presentation deserves not to be overlooked. As part of the overall strategy, City Hall acting with and through Prague City Tourism seeks to introduce all visitors, not only from abroad, to traditional Czech art and artistic tastes. “We decided to bring authentic souvenirs to the market, filled with the stories of their creators, not just outwardly pleasing trinkets,” explains Jana Adamcová, Member of the Board of Directors of Prague City Tourism.

The new collection of souvenirs will for the first time be presenting a limited edition of crystal glasses by designer Rony Plesl, gilded with the symbols of Prague towers. For youngsters, we have comic book tales of art on the underground by Magnesia Litera award winner Ondřej Horák and illustrator David Kalika (Kakalík), as well as a cartoon guide to the Prague conservation area by award-winning illustrator Michaela Kukovičová and writer Alena Ježková. Among the new souvenirs is a special edition of pink glass jewellery with sandblasted cherry blossoms, by the art workshop ko-ra-le, as a tribute to the Petřín orchard slopes in bloom.

There is of course a range of more orthodox souvenirs, too – postcards, fridge magnets, diaries or pencils, from the workshops of illustrators Linh, Smota and Gabriela from the DRAWetc studio, Bohemia Paper workshop as well as the portfolio of studio Pragtique.

The organization’s selection has also focused on sustainability, as one of the main aims of the new tourism strategy in the metropolis.  “Each souvenir highlights a particular Prague artist. We feel that cultural sustainability means supporting the Prague crafts and artistic community economically and through marketing, by choosing the best it has to offer. After all, this has been a traditional role for public institutions,” concludes Board member Jana Adamcová.

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