Prague is Tailor-Made for Walking

Prague is Tailor-Made for Walking

In a study conducted early this year by the GuruWalk community, focused on identifying the most walkable cities, Prague ranked seventh. GuruWalk is an international community that provides free walking tours, connecting tourists with local guides in over 800 cities worldwide.

Prague made it to the top ten primarily thanks to the fact that most of its famous landmarks, such as Prague Castle, the Astronomical Clock and Charles Bridge, are located relatively close to each other. For history enthusiasts, there´s no better plan than taking a stroll through Prague´s picturesque streets and immersing oneself in its atmosphere.

For those who don´t want or can´t explore Prague solely on foot, this city still has plenty to offer. With its highly interconnected public transportation network, visitors are provided endless options. Tourists can easily purchase a ticket and explore various parts of the city using the metro, tram, bus, trolleybus or even a ferry. It´s no wonder that Prague ranked as the third European city most suitable for a visit this year according to data from VisaGuide.World.

These rankings are a big achievement for Prague and it is clear why the Czech metropole is so popular not only with tourists, but also as a venue for congress events. When organizing these events it is easy to include city exploring activities to the program.

For organizers of those meetings and conference events that might decide to utilize Prague´s public transportation during their stay, there is an option of congress passes, arranged by Prague Convention Bureau for the delegates to travel around Prague for free. That allows delegates to move quickly and efficiently around all locations where the parts of the event program take place.

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