Prague’s Historic Alcron Becomes First in Almanac X Hotel Collection

Prague’s Historic Alcron Becomes First in Almanac X Hotel Collection

One of Prague’s landmark hotels – the 204-room Alcron, just off Wenceslas Square – is to be refurbished and re-launched as the Almanac X Prague. It will be the first in a collection of prestige hotels owned by Vienna-based WSF Group, whose Almanac Hotel in Barcelona is already a favourite among Catalonia’s current crowd.

The Alcron was opened in 1932 and quickly became the venue of choice for locals and visitors in the creative and media worlds – actors, producers, singers, writers, celebrities, and foreign correspondents. The family-run WSF Group has owned the Alcron since 1995 and aims to re-capture its storied status, but now appealing to the tastes and preferences of today’s creative industries and high-profile personalities.

Thought-provoking décor and 21st-century menus

This means a €20 million re-design of every room and all the public spaces. The work will start in January and take a year; the hotel will be open throughout. High on the WSF Group’s agenda is a fresh approach to food and beverages: the Almanac X Prague will offer its own, modern take on local Czech cuisine activating alternative and traditional cooking. Guests will have the opportunity to explore Bohemian culinary traditions in a new, 21st-century setting.

WSF has commissioned Interior Designers Tres Cinco Uno and local architects Marani in cooperation with their very own architects to blend the Alcron’s famous Art Deco style with new elements suited to the pace and habits of the international creative and local community. WSF Group will honour the hotel’s culinary past by re-introducing the Alcron’s legacy in its novel food and beverage concepts.

New features and facilities

There will be new additions: a Rooftop Terrace, a Concept Store and a Speciality Coffee-Shop, all designed to re-create the hotel’s prominence as a cultural hot-spot and give guests an experience which is original, different and in tune with their personal lifestyles. WSF group envisages the Almanac X Prague as the perfect synthesis of Prague’s most attractive features: its well-preserved architectural past, its historic role as a cultural melting-pot, and its status today as Central Europe’s most vibrant and sought-after commercial capital city.

Ms Tina Haselbacher, owner at WSF Group says: ‘The Alcron is a beautiful hotel in a wonderful location, right in the centre of one of Europe’s best-loved cities. It was a special place in its heyday and will again become a special place – but this time focused on the needs and preferences of guests and visitors in the 21st century. Once again, 40 Stepanska will be synonymous with innovative, thoughtful, and chic - and with energy, fashion and excitement’.

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